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The LearnSQL.com Team

Agnieszka Kozubek-Krycuń

Agnieszka is a Chief Content Officer at Vertabelo. Before coming to Vertabelo, she worked as a Java programmer. She has a PhD in mathematics and over 10 years of experience in teaching mathematics and computer science at the University of Warsaw. In her free time, she enjoys reading a good book, going mountain hiking and practicing yoga.

Katarzyna has a Master's degree in Mathematics. In her work, she creates and improves programming courses at Vertabelo Academy, LearnSQL.com and LearnPython.com. She also helps the users trying to improve themselves on those sites. Apart from that, she loves traveling, dancing and teaching.

Katarzyna Piskała

Rafał Srzaliński

Rafał is a Pricinipal Enginneer at Vertabelo. His passion is developing low maintenance systems. In his free time he enjoys spending time with the family, riding a motorcycle, playing bass or welding stuff.

Adam works as a Software Engineer at Vertabelo. His passion for problem-solving and mathematics ended with a Computer Science degree. Adam is a fan of absurdness and books with bittersweet endings.

Adam Mościcki

Marcin Koryszewski

Marcin is a Social Media Manager with B2C and B2B experience. He seeks new trends, tools, and inspiration every day to keep up with online communication standards. Marcin likes working with various forms of visual content. In his free time, Marcin likes to build Gunpla models and learn about space, philosophy, and cooking.

Pierre is a Customer Success Specialist. Originally from the UK, Pierre previously worked in several Supply Chain and Project Management positions at various companies in London. Data Analysis has always been a part of his work, and he believes it is a skill everybody can benefit from. In his free time, he enjoys making jewellery, traveling, and visiting family and friends back in London.

Pierre Timms

Jakub Romanowski

Jakub was a journalist for various news television stations for many years. Then, he fell in love with programming, and it changed his life. At Vertabelo, he attracts and retains clients through content marketing. In his free time, he enjoys playing football with his son, reading science fiction, training in martial arts, and cooking for his family and friends.

Łukasz is a Board Member, and he runs Business Development at Vertabelo. He is an experienced manager and engineer. As a former System Architect he's constantly focused on finding solutions for customers' problems and needs. After work Łukasz loves sailing and snowboarding. You can also find him in his workshop where he restores old cars.

Łukasz Kubicki

Jarosław Błąd

Jarek is Vertabelo originator and CEO. He is SQL and relational databases enthusiast with more than 20 years of experience in professional software development. He is also an experienced team leader and manager leading small tech teams in the early 2000s, then the whole engineering department as a CTO and finally he serves as CEO. Jarek is addicted to learning, usually reading two or three books a week mostly in business, software development, management and economy topics. In spare time you can find Jarek in his quite big orchard or in his woodworking workshop. He is also passionate about Stanisław Lem and Philip K. Dick SF books.

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