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SQL is a valuable tool for any professional aspiring to make data-driven decisions, and marketers are no exception. Whether you are a junior marketing specialist or a seasoned expert, leveraging data through SQL can significantly enhance your strategies and elevate your marketing game.

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SQL for Marketing

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Do you plan campaigns? Are you able to easily analyze the performance of your previous activities and gather insights? Instead of solely relying on external tools and reports generated by the IT department, delve into the source data and acquire knowledge that will help you in your daily work. Start using SQL!


Boost your marketing game!

Find out why SQL is key for marketers today. It can help you stand out and reach your goals! Below, find simple tips on using
SQL in marketing and how to add it to your strategies.

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How SQL skills can improve your resume

How to learn SQL for marketing analytics

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Whether you're looking to learn SQL to delve into your marketing data and gain actionable insights, or aiming to understand how to store, manage, and optimize data from your previous campaigns, we have everything you need. Simply choose the SQL learning path that best aligns with your marketing goals!

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You'll get lifetime access to a complete SQL learning program and much more.

SQL courses are organized in tracks adjusted to all skill levels. SQL newbies and pros alike will feel at home.

65 fully hands-on SQL courses
Four different SQL dialects

Experience dedicated paths for Standard SQL syntax, T-SQL for SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL.

100% web-based experience

To enroll in our courses, you'll only need a contemporary web browser and a positive attitude.

After successfully completing each course, you will receive a certificate that you can publish on your LinkedIn profile.

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Friendly support

Don't worry if you get stuck. We'll always be there to help you with any doubts or issues you may face when you're learning.

Real database environment

All exercises you'll complete are based on real-world applications. No fluff, just the things you need.

Learn and Practice SQL with the most comprehensive
set of 62 hands-on, online interactive courses.

Follow dedicated paths for Standard SQL, MySQL, SQL Server or PostgreSQL. We've helped thousands of professionals spread their wings and achieve their goals!

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